Year 11

The following courses available to Australian school students only


Basic Arithmetic and Algebra: Basic Arithmetic, Basic Algebra, Surds, Algebra, Inequalities and Absolute Values, Quadratic Equations and Simultaneous Equations.
Plane Geometry.
Linear Functions and lines.
Real Functions of a Real Variable.
Trigonometric Ratios.

The Quadratic Polynomial and the Parabola: The Tangent to a Curve and the Derivative of a Function.

Mathematics Extension

Harder Applications of the Preliminary Mathematics Course.
Inequalities, Angles and Ratios.
Circle Geometry.

Trigonometry: Trigonometric Formulae, Trigonometric Equations, Harder problems in Numerical Trigonometry.
Parametric Representation of the Parabola.
Permutations and Combinations.
Sample HSC Examination Papers.


Comprehensive coverage of a sample Area of Study and sample electives (Modules A, B and C) as required for both Standard and Advanced English.
Checkpoint materials focusing on key English skills in responding to questions, writing, editing, revising and proofreading.
Coverage of a wide range of text types, including novels, drama, poetry, films and visual text.
A range of writing and comprehension tasks to reinforce each topic.

Grammar and Vocabulary

All major areas of language development.
Definitions of terms and examples.
Activity exercises to extend understanding of each concept.
Fascinating facts about the origin of certain words.


Chemical fundamentals: structure, properties and reactions.
Molecular interactions and reactions.
Equilibrium, acids and redox reactions.
Structure, synthesis and design.
Sample Preliminary examinations.


Thermal, nuclear and electrical physics.
Linear Motion and Waves.
Gravity and electromagnetism.
Revolutions in modern physics.
Sample Preliminary examinations.