Class 9

The following courses are being developed


Number and Algebra: Money and Financial Mathematics, Proportion, Algebra, Linear Relationships, Non-linear Relationships.
Measurement and Geometry: Area and Surface Area, Right Prisms, Cylinders, Geometry, Trigonometry.
Statistics and Probability: Single Variable Data Analysis, Probability.


Biological sciences: The body systems, Ecology.
Chemical sciences: Atomic theory, Chemical reactions.
Earth and space sciences: Plate tectonics.
Physical sciences: Energy on the move.


A comprehensive overview of what you need to know to do well in Years 9 English.
Multiple-choice comprehension questions with explained answers.
Short-answer comprehension questions with sample answers.
Responding and composing, essay writing and creative writing.
A wide variety of text types and stimulus materials.
Do’s and don’t’s, plus hints to help you do your best in assignments and exams.
Punctuation, spelling, grammar and broadening your vocabulary.

Grammar and Vocabulary

All major areas of language development.
Definitions of terms and examples.
Activity exercises to extend understanding of each concept.
Fascinating facts about the origin of certain words.