Class 8

The following courses are being developed


Number and Algebra: Number and Place Value, Real Numbers, Patterns and Algebra, Linear and Non-linear Relationships.
Measurement and Geometry: Using Units of Measurement, Geometric Reasoning.
Statistics and Probability: Chance, Data Representation and Interpretation.


Biological sciences: Cells, Body systems.
Chemical sciences: Elements and compounds.
Earth and space sciences: Minerals and rocks, Ores and environmental issues.
Physical sciences: Energy.

English Writing & Spelling

Persuasive texts: Persuasive speeches, Discussion essays, Film reviews, Blog posts.
Informative texts: Procedures, Research reports, Explanatory essays, News reports.
Imaginative texts: Descriptions, Short stories, Biographies, Narrative poems.

Grammar and Vocabulary

All major areas of language development.
Definitions of terms and examples.
Activity exercises to extend understanding of each concept.
Fascinating facts about the origin of certain words.